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The Singapore Sports Hall of Fame was set up in 1985 to honour our top sportsmen and women, to instill a sense of pride among Singaporeans & to inspire our budding athletes to emulate the world-class performances of its inductees.


First Milestone: 1985

In 1985, the Hall of Fame was established with 24 athletes inducted.

There was no official induction ceremony & the induction was marked by display shelves of Medals, attire and other memorabilia in the Sports Museum.





      Subsequent Years: 1999, 2002, 2003

After 1985, 4 more athletes were inducted between the years 1986-1998.
In 1999, the first Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was held at the National Stadium Concourse.
Subsequently, 17 more athletes were inducted in the 2nd & 3rd Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies in 2002 (7 athletes) & 2003 (10 athletes).
By 2003, there were 50 entries in Singapore Sports Hall of Fame.








Revival: 2015 onwards 

After the 2003 Induction Ceremony, the Hall of Fame Committee reviewed the criteria & included an important factor for an Athlete's induction:
The athlete/s (except Olympics/Paralympics medallists) must have served another 8 years in any sporting capacity on a national level from the time of winning the qualifying medal, encouraging athletes to contribute in sports for a longer period.
Athletes meeting this criteria would then be considered; but the final decision shall rest with the committee that will consider all factors pertaining to the Athletes as a icon, role model and leader.
Therefore, after 2003, it was until 2015 that athletes were inducted into the Hall of Fame again.
To date, we have 57 entries in the Singapore Sports Hall of Fame.

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