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About Team Singapore

Mooted by the then-Ministry of Community Development and Sports, and launched on 20 April 2001 by then-Deputy Prime Minister Dr Tony Tan, Team Singapore is the united identity of elite athletes, coaches and officials from Singapore that represents the country in major multi-sport Games and identified international competitions.

Team Singapore is here to win. We pride ourselves in inspiring the nation’s athletic talents to a new level in sports, with the hope of encouraging the nation to support us in our endeavours.

The three core attributes of Pride, Performance and Perseverance anchor that which is the collective Team Singapore. Underscoring the traits of a winning team, these attributes are the important elements of sportsmanship and excellence that propel the nation forward to succeed on the world’s sporting stage.

Team Singapore represents the unique connection between our athletes and every Singaporean – young or old, as we embark on a sporting journey as one. It is a shared identity for all Singaporeans, using sport as the national language. Team Singapore aims to inspire Singaporeans to live better through sport by embodying the values inherent in sport: a winning spirit; an appreciation for teamwork; a commitment to ethical behaviour; and pride for our country.