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Zhou Jingyi

Zhou Jingyi

Table Tennis

  • Age 18
  • Profile
    • Zhou Jingyi, a remarkable table tennis player who has made a significant impact on the Singaporean table tennis scene. At the young age of 12, Zhou Jingyi created history for Singapore by becoming the first Singaporean to secure victory in the 2017 ITTF World Hopes Week and Challenge held in Luxembourg. This achievement showcased her exceptional talent and marked the beginning of a promising career. Zhou continued to make waves in the table tennis world, as she became the youngest Singaporean to reach the top five in the Under-15 girls' ITTF world ranking list in June 2018. Her remarkable ascent in the rankings further solidified her status as a rising star in the sport. Dominating the SEA Junior & Cadet Table Tennis Championships from 2017 to 2019, Zhou showcased her prowess by securing a remarkable total of five gold medals and three bronze medals across the three editions of the championship. Her consistent performances demonstrated her exceptional skills and determination. As a shake hand grip right-handed player, Zhou brings a unique playing style and versatility to the table. Her talent and skill set make her an excellent addition to the women's team, further strengthening Singapore's table tennis prowess. Zhou's success extended to international competitions as well. At the 2021 Asian Championships, she joined her senior teammates to successfully retain the bronze medal achieved in the 2019 edition of the championships. Her contribution to the team's success showcased her ability to perform under pressure and her commitment to excellence. In recent competitions, Zhou has continued to shine. At the 2023 SEA Games, she played a vital role in the women's team, earning a joint bronze medal. Additionally, she secured a silver medal in the Women's Doubles event. Her consistent performances and contributions have established her as a prominent figure in Singaporean table tennis. With her remarkable achievements, Zhou Jingyi represents the future of Singaporean table tennis, and her dedication, skill, and determination make her a formidable force to be reckoned with in the sport.
  • 2023 SEA Games - Women's Team, Joint Bronze
  • 2023 SEA Games - Women's Doubles, Silver
  • 2022 Commonwealth Games - Women Team, Gold
  • 2021 SEA Games - Women's Doubles, Silver
  • 2021 SEA Games - Women's Team, Silver
  • 2021 Asian Table Tennis Championships - Women's Team, Bronze
  • 2021 WTT Youth Contender Szombathely - U17 Singles, Gold
  • 2020 Swedish Junior and Cadet Open and Safe International tournament - U16 Singles, Gold
  • 2019 SEA Junior and Cadet Table Tennis Championships - Cadet girls' singles and team, Gold