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Beh Kun Ting

Beh Kun Ting

Table Tennis

  • Age 22
  • Profile
    • At the 2023 SEA Games, Beh showcased his exceptional skills and dedication by helping his team secure a gold medal in the Men's Team event. Their outstanding performance and teamwork resulted in a well-deserved victory. Additionally, Beh's prowess in doubles play led to another accomplishment as he earned a joint bronze medal in the Men's Doubles category. Beh's passion for table tennis was ignited by his father, who introduced him to the sport. Inspired by athletes who demonstrate the power of hard work, Beh idolizes Cristiano Ronaldo, recognizing him as a prime example of how dedication can surpass natural talent. Beyond table tennis, Beh has a keen interest in photography, particularly in capturing street and landscape images. If he were not pursuing a career in table tennis, he would aspire to be a photographer, showcasing his admiration for the art form.
  • 2023 SEA Games - Men's Team, Gold
  • 2023 SEA Games - Men's Doubles, Joint Bronze
  • 2019 21st Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships, Men's Team, 3rd
  • 2019 ITTF Czech Junior & Cadet Open, Junior Boys' Team, 3rd
  • 2019 ITTF Swedish Junior & Cadet Open, Junior Boys' Doubles, 1st