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Zeng Jian

Zeng Jian

Table Tennis

  • Age 27
  • Profile
    • Zeng Jian is an accomplished table tennis player who has made a mark in international competitions. Her exceptional performance at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham earned her two gold medals in the women's team and doubles events. In the 2023 SEA Games, Zeng Jian continued to shine, earning her first gold medal in the competition. Her remarkable achievements in both regional and international competitions highlight her skill, determination, and contribution to Singaporean table tennis. Zeng Jian's success and dedication to the sport make her a formidable force in the table tennis community. Her ability to perform under pressure and consistently deliver exceptional performances cements her status as a key player in the Singaporean team.

2024 SEA Regional Olympic Qualification tournament - Women's Singles, Gold

2023 SEA Games - Women's Singles, Gold
2023 SEA Games - Mixed Doubles, Silver
2023 SEA Games - Women's Team, Joint Bronze

2022 Commonwealth Games - Mixed Doubles, Bronze
2022 Commonwealth Games - Women Doubles, Gold
2022 Commonwealth Games - Women Singles, Silver
2022 Commonwealth Games - Women Team, Gold

2021 SEA Games - Mixed Doubles, Silver
2021 SEA Games - Women Singles, Joint Bronze
2021 SEA Games - Women Doubles, Silver
2021 SEA Games - Women Team, Silver

2021 WTT Star Contender - Singles, R32