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Nur 'Aini Bte Mohamad Yasli

Nur 'Aini Bte Mohamad Yasli

Para Powerlifting

  • Age 32
  • Profile
    • Nur 'Aini was diagnosed with multiple epiphyseal dysplasia at age 6. The condition, which impacted her bone growth, was discovered when doctors noticed that Aini was bow-legged and walked with a limp. She was first introduced to powerlifting in 2015 when Team Singapore Powerlifter Kalai Vanen approached her at the gym. Due to school commitments, she had to turn down the offer. In 2017, Kalai approached her again and that was when Aini decided to give powerlifting a go. Two months into the sport, Aini was selected to compete at the 9th ASEAN Para Games 2017 in Kuala Lumpur. Most recently, Aini competed in the 11th Fazza Dubai Para Powerlifting World Cup and won the bronze medal, lifting her personal best at 81kg.

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